sabato 15 aprile 2017

Fashion and clothing online sites

And here I am to introduce you to another fashion site Stylewe, on my blog I often speak of clothing sites, I really like talking and let you see the looks and outfits, created both on me that from my lists, you will always show new wishilit !

This time I will show you a personal list for the new year emminete that I created and I put together a list of essential elements of the wardrobe you can wear, for this great end of year party.

You can put these in both parties but also on other occasions!

I fashion!

Over StyleWe site I will also speak of another fashion site and is  just fashion now

I show you my own list of these two new sites

choose your fashion collection at StyleWe


                                     Sleeve Boho Geometric Print Loose Kimono


                                      Purple Printed Girly Asymmetrical Kimono

                                     Red Printed Half Sleeve Abstract H-line Kimono

choose your fashion collection at  just fashion now

                             Sheath Spaghetti Sweetheart Floral Print Vintage Dress

Sheath Spaghetti Sweetheart Floral Print  Vintage Dress

                                  Off-shoulder V Neck Sexy Bodycon Solid Dress

                                 Pink Peplum Crocheted Lace Elegant Sleeveless Dress

I enjoyed my list then what are you waiting, go to the site and buy what you like, you will find quality and many things in very small.

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